Our Family Christmas Card to You

December, 2012
Dear family and friends,

Warmest wishes to you all this holiday season. And about all that is warm from Saskatchewan this time of year are our wishes. After last year’s mild winter, Mother Nature has decided to play a dirty trick on us and start the winter half way through fall. Snow mixed with freezing rain has made for difficult days trying to get around. We have had more snow these past three months than all of last winter.

Our most exciting news is that Darcy and Neil are expecting a sweet bundle of joy in May, somewhere around the 13th. I am hoping for the 8th as that would be a wonderful 60th birthday present for me. So far she is feeling fine and is still working at the financial planners. Neil is currently working at Draganfly, a company that manufactures remote controlled helicopters.

Erin has moved back home after a short flight from the nest. She moved in with one of her friends and his roommate, but after six months found the guys to be lacking in neatness skills. She is still at the main library. The library union she belongs to has not had a contract for almost three years. So far they have decided not to strike, but it is frustrating that they can’t settle. It did seem rather quiet here with her away as Peter had no one to bug.

Peter’s contract with Tata Technologies ended in July. He has just started work at the Agrium potash mine the other side of Vanscoy. They are building a new expansion and he will be involved in writing manuals for the new equipment. It should be finished sometime in 2014 with no guarantee that he will be kept on after that. We have put our plans for moving to a condo on hold since our location is fairly close for Peter to drive to work.

He has his hands full with his ostomy association. He was elected vice-president of the national association at the convention in Toronto in August. But a few months later the president had to resign, so Peter is now in charge sorting out numerous problems.

While we were in Toronto, we took a few days to visit with Brad and Nicolle in St. Catharines. They are both doing well. Brad is still with Plexis, the computer company, and Nicolle has just started with Edward Jones, financial planners. They plan on coming out for a few weeks next summer for Stacey and Justin’s wedding on July 27.

Stacey has just started a full time job at Pro Print where she is able to do more graphic design work than at Fire and Ice. Justin is still at Custom Labels. Wedding plans are still in the works.

I continue to work part time at the wig shop at the Bay where nothing too exciting happens. I am hoping to get my grandmother’s flower garden quilt, a project that is into its third year, into the frame for quilting this winter.

Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy and healthy New Year.

Love, Donna, Peter and Erin


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