UOAC Conference Report for 2012

Conference Report 2012
Tuesday, August 14
We arrived in Toronto around noon and that night, we went to the President’s Reception – we got to meet some of the people who came early to the conference.
Wednesday, August 15
The registration went very smoothly, thanks to the volunteers from Ostomy Toronto.
I attended the Board of Director’s Meeting for most of the day. A lot of things to discuss and great ideas were brought forth.
Later that night, we attended the Meet and Greet. It was a nice mix of cultures and food and entertainment. Donna and I got to chat with UOAA president, Dave Rudzin and his wife Barbara.
Thursday, August 16
The conference started off with the Grand Opening ceremonies. There were great speeches and greetings from all over the Ostomy world!
Next was the Keynote Address. It was a great presentation on how health technology can help us all gain a higher quality of life.
Then we attended the Medications in Ostomy session – great presentation by Luxin Ye and she gave a pharmacist’s perspective in Ostomy treatment.
And then we went to the Awards Luncheon. There were awards given to many deserving people.
We attended a session on Probiotics – Sergio Dalla Nora gave an excellent talk on probiotics and the reason why “clinically proven” probiotics are so important.
Exhibit Hall – many great exhibitors – we all got a passport to get stamped at each table. Took two visits to get the entire book filled! Great idea.
The Coloplast Evening was an enjoyable supper.
Friday, August 17
The Exhibit Hall was open early and breakfast was served in the immediate area, so we go to chat with the exhibitors some more and catch up some news with old friends.
We next attended the Bertha Okun Lectureship – Andrew Misle Yoga for Youth – presentation by a guy who travelled across Canada on a motorcycle, spreading awareness about yoga and ostomy.
Raffle and Auction – we successfully bid on one auction item and won two raffle items, plus a registration for the conference in Jacksonville Florida next year.
Importance of Stategic Planning – I sat in with other board members, but had to leave early to introduce the next session – reinventing your chapter.
Reinventing your chapter – very good presentation by Mary Penner and Janet Paquet on reinventing chapter and setting up fundraising.
Convatec Evening – great food. Winners of the Renaissance Great Comebacks awards were announced. They had a jazz quintet for entertainment.
Later, I was called to an emergency Board of Director’s Meeting – to discuss change in strategic plan as proposed by Saskatoon chapter. Changes were suggested and passed before being presented at the National Council Meeting the next morning.
Saturday, August 18
National Council Meeting – strategic plan was passed, several amendments by some chapters who did not want UOAC help in funding sharing. And French translation of the name and mission need to be looked at again.
Near the end of the meeting, there was the Installation of Officers ceremony – new directors and officers sworn in and photos taken.
During this time, Donna attended the SASO event to the Bata museum where they have a history of shoes exhibit.
I attended the What’s new with Colostomy Karen Bruton (president of CAET) session. It was interesting meeting other colostomates and learning about new products.
Then on to the presentation on Social Networking – I gave a stellar presentation!
Hollister Evening – there was good food and good entertainment (They had a full Motown band with singers), lots of dancing! (Including Taylor).
Sunday, August 19
I attended the Board of Director’s meeting – Gene Zapf was not able to attend because Sheelah was taken to hospital. We finished before noon. Donna and I then went to the play “War Horse” and really enjoyed that before heading off to St. Catharine’s for three days of visiting with my son and his girlfriend.


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